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Traffic Cop, Chadni Chowk, DelhiMan on roof, New Delhi StationIn the Jumna Masjid, Old DelhiJumna Masjid, Old DelhiVaranasi, Uttar PradeshIn the Old City, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshAshok & his Grandfather, VaranasiOccupied Toilet, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshSadhu on the phone, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshWindow in the Old City, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshBarber Shop, VaranasiOn the eve of Holi, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshWeigher of wood for cremations, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshWood for cremations, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshPreparing for a cremation, Varanasi, Urttar PradeshCattle at the Burning Ghat, Varanasi,Uttar PradeshIn the Old City, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshSewing on the Ghats, Varanasi, Uttar PreshSleeping late, rooftop, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshWashing up in the Ganges, Varanasi